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(each session of 1 hour duration)
Methodology of Teaching at NIRVAANA
@madhapur @gachibowli @miyapur @KPHB 9th Phase

As any one joins nirvaana takes all the health details and the purpose for which the practitioner is joining.
On day One Nirvaana makes them do the basic postures so as to understand the flexibility of the practitioner.
From day two Nirvaana makes them do tailor made postures meant to be done by them to get rid of their health issues.
Nirvaana customizes the postures for each practitoner and makes them do 
and keeps upgrading the postures in consultation with the practitioners once in 6/10 days.

Panel of Doctors and Experienced Yoga Therapists design the sequences 
Services at Madhapur + Gachibowli + Miyapur + KPHB 9th Phase.
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At all the studios of NIRVAANA we take care of the health issues of the practitioners. Customized sequences are taught so that the practitioner gets rid of their health issues. 
 In Sanskrit ‘prana’ refers to the cosmic energy, that we also call as ‘Breath’. ‘Ayama’ means to control the prana, i.e, to control the breathing. Every living creature has to breathe for existence. Breathing is a continuous process, which provides vital energy to the body.
Chair Yoga Classes are taught to the professionals who spend maximum of their time on the desks. It keeps them fit at the end of the day even after their hectic schedule. It helps them to get rid of back pain and various health issues what a human can get because of continuous sitting.…
Kundalini Awakening and Chakra Meditation helps a person to use the cosmic energy embedded in a person. with the help of mantras Kundalini Awakening is done by experienced Yogi  …
Yoga Pranayama and Meditation helps the children in improving concentration and focus. Sitting for longer hours for studies makes a child tired. Yoga helps them to build strength.
Through a series of postures ( asanas ) , breathing techniques ( pranayama) , relaxation and meditation , the practitioner increases his resistance, and  flexibility
To achieve the maximum level of health one must eat well, exercise regularly, and improve their mental well-being.
People struggle most often to improve their mental well-being because it is the most ambiguous and hardest to see tangible results.
Meditation is the best way to mentally reduce stress and develop an air of peace and tranquility.
Increased flexibility.
Increased muscle strength and tone.
Improved respiration, energy and vitality.
Maintaining a balanced metabolism.
Weight reduction.
Cardio and circulatory health.
Improved athletic performance.
Protection from injury and much more
Certified Teachers Training Courses are held in Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Kundalini, Mudra Therapy and Massage Therapy,
The courses are affiliated to Yoga Alliance USA,  YAI and VYASA and valid across the Globe
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About the Founder
Dr. Vinay the Founder of Nirvaana got initiated for Transcendental Meditation ™ at age of 12 in the year 1978 by H.H. Maharishi Mahesh Yogiji.
Initiated for Siddhi at Rishikesh in the year 1988 by Brahmachari Pradeep Misraji.
Trained in Maharishi’s Organization, NOIDA from 1989 till 1998 for Yogasanas, Pranayama, Meditation and Mudras for therapy and completed the five years course from MU as Doctorate in Alternate Medicine.
Appointed as President of SSYA in the Year 1998 and so far trained several students for teaching yoga as therapy. 
He has been counseling for Yoga, Pranayama, Mudras and Meditation since1998.
Successfully conducted Yoga Therapy Camps in almost every big city of India mainly focusing the downtrodden who hardly have the financial support for their medical expenses.
Conducted workshop of Yoga – Pranayama – Meditation and Mudras for various IT companies. 
 Conducts Yoga – Pranayama – Meditation and Mudra classes for Defence Personnels at College of Defence Management (CDM).
 Held yoga therapy camps in Kaulalampur, Malaysia in January 2008 and at Bangkok, Thailand in Feb 2008 and Dubai, UAE in June 2013
Health Excellence Award in 2006 by International Institute of Health Sciences in collaboration with New Age International University (Italy, Europe), Indian Board of Alternative Medicines, and Institute of Education, Research & Development.
Degree of Doctor Philosophy in the field of Yoga by the New Age International University, Seborga, Italy.
Best doctor award by Health Care International – USA in the year 2008 Member of International Association of Yoga Therapists. (IAYT), Prescott, AZ United States Advisor STAR Tech Healing, Maynard MA, United States.
A Virtual Experience
In my teacher training sessions ASAN PRANAYAMA and DHYANA the three limbs of ASHTANG YOG along with the remaining limbs such as YAMA (ethical standards ) NIYAMA(self-discipline)PRATYAHARA(sensory transcendence) DHARANA(concentration) are taught and explained through easy examples by the Yoga Course
Subha Agarwal
Teachers Training Course
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1.Lane Beside Karachi Bakery, Madhapur. 500081

2.Near DLF Gate 3, Gachibowli. Hyderabad 500032

3.Near Alwyn X roads. Miyapur. Hyderabad 500049

4. Beside Weavers Aakruthi, 800 mts from Srujana Forum Mall, KPHB 6/9th Phase Kukatpally Hyderabad 500085

Hyderabad, TS India                   
call 8978545744 - 9494651222 - 9492651222 - 9492651333 - 9492651444 - 7036651222                
Lane Beside Karachi Bakery, Madhapur. AND Near DLF Gate 3, Gachibowli. AND Near Alwyn X roads. Miyapur AND KPHB 9th Phase Hyderabad, TS India
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