Chair Yoga Classes in Madhapur Hitech City and DLF Gate 3 Gachibowli and Near Alwyn X Roads Miyapur and KPHB 9th Phase
Chair Yoga Classes at Madhapur Hitech City and DLF Gate 3 Gachibowli and Near Alwyn X Roads Miyapur and KPHB 9th Phase Hyderabad. 

Yoga for seniors in a conscious, safe and positive way is a growing need in the world of yoga.

With the Hyderabad population aging, teaching yoga to seniors becomes an asset to understanding the physical and mental problems of this large segment of the population.

This course is intended for all professionals working with seniors and / or people with some type of limitation, teachers and yoga students who want to have a complementary training and all those who want to contribute to the general well-being of the population.

Yoga in the chair is the name given the adaptations made from traditional Hatha Yoga (an age-old philosophy of life that encompasses the whole physical, mental and emotional being) to the chair.

It does not imply stammering movements. His practice of calm and gentle rhythm respects the possibilities and limits of each individual. It does not consume energy, on the contrary, it accumulates energy, improving the muscular tone. It works the internal musculature and the organs; the nervous system and the endocrine, in short, the organism completely.
The postures were adapted to the chair in order to bring the benefits of Yoga to people with little physical mobility or with difficulty sitting on the floor; being ideal for the public of the Third Age, for offering a lower risk.

The postures (asanas) of the spine, with their respective movements of: Extension, flexion, torsion and lateral inclination, as well as the techniques of breathing, relaxation and meditation; are performed sitting in the chair. Already the balance postures use the chair as support.

There are innumerable benefits of Yoga in the Senior Chair. In addition to preventing and alleviating diseases, such as: Hypertension, vertigo, chronic pain, anxiety, arthritis, asthma, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, depression. Helps increase self-esteem by bringing greater independence in basic day-to-day tasks.

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