101 Reasons To Do Yoga
101 Reasons to do Yoga :
1. Strengthens your digestive system
2. Tones and regulates the endocrine system
3. Balances metabolism
4. Strengthens and calms nerves
5. Rests the mind
6. Meditation nurtures inner peace
7. Strengthens and opens subtle energy flow
8. Improves mental clarity
9. Tones the spine
10. Boosts your immune system
11. Helps you lose weight
12. Improves body posture
13. Reduces risk of heart disease
14. Metabolizes fat for energy use
15. Helps your body resist upper respiratory infections
16. Helps relieves headaches
17. Increase oxygen absorption
18. Increase muscle strength
19. Increase muscle flexibility
20. Helps preserve lean body tissue
21. Reduces hypertension
22. Increases strength of ligaments and tendons
23. Improves circulation
24. Helps maintain weight loss
25. Reduces anxiety levels
26. Helps regulate blood pressure
27. Increases muscle endurance
28. Strengthens bones
29. Assists you in efforts to stop smoking
30. Assists you in efforts to stop drinking
31. Helps boost creativity
32. Calms emotions
33. Slows rate of joint degeneration from arthritis
34. Helps overcome jet lag
35. Enhances sexual sensitivity and ability
36. Helps you to incur fewer medical & health-care expenses
37. Improves your ability to recover from injury
38. Improves your ability to recover from physical exertion
39. Improves your ability to recover from illness
40. Relieves back pains that often accompany pregnancy
41. Eases labor and birth delivery
42. A gentle fitness program for pregnant women
43. Increases blood flow to the skin for cooling
44. Increases lung capacity and rate of oxygen exchange
45. Improves your heat tolerance
46. Helps protect against injury
47. Helps reduce stress
48. Helps you maintain calm under pressure
49. Helps alleviate insomnia and deepen your sleep
50. Reduces physical, mental and emotional tensions
53. Helps reduce the risk of stroke
54. Helps alleviate menstrual cramps
55. Helps to alleviate depression
56. Helps establish and maintain muscle balance
51. Helps reduce the risk of cancer
52. Helps to relieve constipation & regulate elimination
57. Increases your ability to adapt to cold weather.
58. Helps you to overcome substance abuse
59. Helps to regulate and ease menstrual flow
60. Helps lower heart rates
61. Helps improve memory
62. Helps alleviate back aches and pains
63. Helps alleviate neck and shoulder aches and pains
64. Helps reduce the amount of insulin
65. Improves mental alertness and clarity
66. Strengthens respiratory system
67. Helps you burn excess calories
68. Improves your physical appearance
69. Improves the heart’s efficiency
70. Helps strengthen your self esteem
71. Helps you to relax
72. Helps you to regain and maintain joint flexibility
73. Assists your body in absorbing nutrients from food
74. Increases productivity at work and home
75. Helps prevent lower back problems
76. Strengthens self discipline
77. Re-enforces self respect and respect for others
78. Strengthens self responsibility
79. Hydrates the vertebrae
80. Helps prevent and relieve carpal tunnel syndrome
81. Improves balance and coordination
82. Improves glucose tolerance
83. Raises your energy levels
84. Helps relieve and prevent migraines
85. Tones the reproductive organs
86. Improves decision making abilities
87. Helps to raise your appetite
88. Helps to raise your tolerance for discomfort
89. Reduces work days missed due to illness
90. Strengthens organs and glands
91. Helps you maintain an independent lifestyle
92. Raises your general outlook and mood states
93. Enhances your athletic abilities
94. Fosters body awareness
95. Fosters respect for your body
96. Improves relationship with self and others
97. Raises appreciation of silence
98. Increases overall health awareness
99. Helps body purify itself of toxins
100. Improves your overall quality of life
101. Slows the aging process
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